More Errors in the Climate Record

The global warming boys steadfastly refused to release their code. And their data, sometimes. But if they had done so all along, all of the errors that we are finding now would have been found 10 years ago.

But as it is, they are just releasing things, so the checking has only started. You have to wonder how many more mistakes will be found, because the inquiry has just begun.

A science blogger has uncovered a catalogue of errors in Met Office records that form a central part of the scientific evidence for global warming.

The mistakes, which led to the data from a large number of weather stations being discarded or misused, had been overlooked by professional scientists and were only discovered when the Met Office’s Hadley Centre made data publicly available in December after the “climategate” e-mail row.

Although the errors do not alter the bigger picture on climate change, they have been seized upon as a further sign that scientific institutions have not been sufficiently transparent. “It makes you wonder how many other problems there are in the data,” said John Graham-Cumming, the programmer who spotted the mistakes. “The whole idea of doing science without releasing your data is quite worrying.”

Since being alerted of the problems last month the Met Office has issued a corrected version of its land-based temperature record on its website.

If we are finding this many mistakes right away, think how many mistakes are hidden, built into thed data or code. And  how flimsy the whole thing looks now.



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