The New York Times’ Hatred of “The Other”

One of the most annoying things to become part of the culture is the pretentious and empty use of the term “The Other”. It is primarily an pseudo-academic conceit, an attempt to dress up a pretty simplistic notion with some sort of psychological heft.

Obama delved into this nonsense during the campaign when he explained that all those angry people clung to their guns and religion, and could not stand “people who did not look like them”.

But of all the organizations on earth, it is the New York Times that is most afraid of  “The Other”. It is the Times who simply cannot stand people that don’t look like them.

They have, for years, tried to portray Evangelical Christians as rubes, boobs, yokels and drooling idiots. Rather than try to understand their fellow countrymen, they sought at every turn to portray them as among the nuttiest, most extreme, retrograde people imaginable.

Now, they do the same to the Tea Party. They examine the nuttier members of the tea party, and pretend they are the whole party. It’s an old propaganda trick.  

It’s not much more than hate speech. They really want you to hate these people. They really want you to think they are all stupid racists, deserving of little more than imprisonment. They leave the distinct impression that the Tea Partiers are dangerous – they have guns and believe the Fed is trying to control their minds.  Surely they cannot be allowed to take part in the life of the country.

The Times basically tells its readers: “You are so much better than these cretins. You are the elite; the rest of the country is made up of illiterate troglodytes. You should be ruling the country, and they should be kept as far away from the levers of power as possible. They are near insane. ” 

Remember the anti-war marches of a few years ago? There they were, communists and socialists and Trotskyites and old hippies and Bush-is-Hitler types. But they were portrayed as nice, peaceful people.

It’s very simple. Look at Glenn Reynolds account of the Tea Party, then look at any version put out by the MSM. Look at the videos of the Tea Party protests on Youtube – those made without an ax to grind. You can tell these easily – they show the whole crowd, they stay on one shot for a long time, they are boring. Because what you see are very normal, fairly quiet  people. Then look at the videos produced by the left/Democrats. You will see lots of Nazi signs, or the equivalent. These will be quick cut, showing nut after nut. Personally, I suspect lots of those nuts are Democratic party activists. This is the kind of tricky thing they do these days.

But isn’t it interesting that the “tolerant” New York Times has become so intolerant of those that don’t support its program? Isn’t it weird that the Times has become so devoted to driving dislike, sowing distrust and being “divisive”? 

Caricatures are their stock in trade these days.

They are a fearful people, these New York Timers.  But we must pity them. Change is hard for people.


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