Creepy Eugenics Stuff

Yep, here is another angry atheist, pretending to be all scientific and objective, asking those college-bull-session questions about religion again. Why would a loving God allow bad things to happen? Please. This is stuff most people got over in their younger days. Instead of  a search for knowledge and instruction, once again, you sense that old atheist desire to simply destroy, hurl simplistic criticism, and so forth.

Riddle me this: Why is such amateurish stuff being presented in a science magazine? There is no scientific reason to read this grumble. The only reason a science magazine would print it is to give atheism a leg up.Why is a science magazine paying attention to one side or the other? It shouldn’t be, of course.

He gives a pathetically slanted view of human DNA. Why, if he is a scientist, can’t he give a balanced view of things? His view is horribly polemical. Rather than the scientists’ studied objectivity, he jumps to insert weird value judgements , telling us the conclusions to come to. To him, human DNA is some big mess that has to be cleaned up – by him.

Here is his final summing up:

Why do we still allow children to be born with hideous diseases that could be prevented? Why do we rightly glorify efforts to cure diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, but still regard tackling the root cause – our dismal, degenerating DNA – as taboo?

It’s hard to understand what he means. Does he mean we should just abort all “defective” babies? Or is he saying we should do everything to prevent certain diseases. Well, we do that. But I guess his beef is more particular. I think he wants  us to let him alter human DNA to what he thinks is better

Our ethics have been so hideously distorted by superstitious nonsense that we cannot see the clear moral imperative: we need to start sorting out the mess of a genome evolution has left us as soon as we can.

Sounds like eugenics to me. Sounds like this particular atheist thinks he has a better human being in mind. Somehow, I don’t trust people that overblow their arguments, and ignore legitimate concerns on  the other side.

These people are the last people I would want messing with human DNA, just so they could create a race of super humans that supposedly have no defects. I bet he rails against people that don’t believe in global warming, too.


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