The MSM kept quoting the same metorologist during the last couple of weeks – to make the point that global warming was making it snow so much. More moisture in the air, etc. etc.

It turns out that the guy seems to be a left wing wacko. Here is one of his latest posts.

I have found you can almost immediately mark someone as a bit of a global warming wacko if, when discussing global warming, they start talking about 1) The cigarette industry 2) the oil companies are behind it all. 3) That evil corporations are behind it all. 4) A particular evil Public Relations firm is behind it all. 5) They give you a list of money spent on global lobbying, then quickly admit that not all of it was spent on global warming lobbying. They have no idea how much of it was spent on global warming lobbying.

But these are the people that dominated the MSM global warming coverage of the recent storms.

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