No More Droughts in the West. That Proves Global Warming

From the Washington Post:

Another example for erratic weather comes from the droughts that were straining water resources across much of the United States just a couple of years ago. Today there is only one small place experiencing an “extreme drought” and that is on, of all places, Hawaii. Doyle Rice in USA Today reports that more than 92 percent of the country is drought-free, whereas recently as August of 2007, 50 percent was affected by very dry conditions. The drought conditions “reversed in the most dramatic turnaround since federal scientists began keeping records.”

So, a few years ago, the droughts that were threatening the West were caused by global warming.

Now, the rains have returned – because of global warming.

I like that – the drought ends, and to the true believers, this is “erratic weather”.

To the man with a hammer, the entire world is a nail.


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