Obama Forgot He is President

Jackie Mason comments on Obama’s recent, rather weird public campaign in which he travels across the country denouncing massive spending, denouncing the lack of bipartisanship, denouncing the lack of progress in Washington:

“It turns out [Obama has started] attacking everything that he himself  did. It’s like he didn’t know he did it, and he wasn’t there when it happened, and he doesn’t know he was elected, and he doesn’t know he’s the President.

Either the man is pretending he has Alzheimers or his memory stopped working, or his mind stopped working, or if it’s working, he doesn’t want you to know it’s working.  

Or he thinks your mind stopped working, so you don’t know the difference. And he can say whatever he pleases, and you don’t care. Or you’re not listening, or you don’t know the difference.

How does anyone have the nerve to keep telling you what’s wrong with this country that he himself did?

…it’s because he doesn’t want to do anything about anything, he  just wants to announce problems and keep walking, pretending that he doesn’t know how it happened, and the whole thing is somebody else’s fault – like he doesn’t know who. He doesn’t know where he is.

Somebody should tell him: “YOU LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY. YOU WERE ELECTED. YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT. Could you memorize that? Is that too much to find out about? Remember: You’re the President. That’s the last time I’m going to tell you”

Watch the whole thing.

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