The Scaowed Widdo “Scientists”

Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit – the man who destroyed the hockey stick, and a continuing critic of bad climate science – was invited to participate in a World Conference on Dendrochronology.

But – once the other panelists found out he was coming, they apparently raised such a stink that the organizers were forced to un-invite McIntyre.

They are acting like scaowed widdo wabbits.

What kind of scientists is afraid to face a critic? If they had their ducks in a row, they would love the opportunity to demolish McIntyre.

But they can’t do that. So they are reduced to “Run away! Run Away!”

But a wise commenter on the post says this:

I’ll advise you to working on that keynote address. I have a funny feeling the book isn’t closed on this matter yet, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared if they say, with 40 hours notice, that a spot has opened up for you after all. Your detractors would get immense satisfaction if you had to cancel at that point (“couldn’t face the music, eh?”) or came with notes in disarray and poorly prepared (“see how poorly he does under real scrutiny by experts!”). Don’t give them that, Steve. Whatever you prepare will surely come in use whether or not the decision is reversed.


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