The Tea Party Is Racist?

The poor people at MSNBC – the ones with thrills running down their legs, and the hilarious fake Murrow impersonators – always try to portray the Tea Party movement as racist.

It is true that the tea party movement does not have overwhelming numbers of blacks involved. But that is to be expected. The Tea party movement is not a Democratic party movement. And 96% of blacks voted for Democrats in the last election. So, you would not expect to see a lot of blacks there anyway. But in this case, it is even harder. Obama was the first black president, and it is very hard for blacks to come out in active opposition to him. They may agree with much of what the tea party says, but they are not going to come out in the streets.

And yet, blacks are involved in the tea parties. They are welcomed with open arms, and greeted as Americans, not as blacks. You get the impression that when they are involved in the Democratic party, they are greeted as blacks.  They are expected to have grievances, and they are expected to want certain things. The Democratic party treats them as a thing apart from America. Conservatives treat them simply as part of America.

Remember, it was Chris Matthews who made the remarkable statement that “I forgot Obama was black for an hour”. This is revealing. I almost never think about Obama being black. Yet Matthews sees black, black, black. Apparently,there is some sort of weird inside-out racism that sees blacks as entirely different beings, and therefore wants to perform works of penance to atone for that prediliction. That’s the only way I can explain Matthews.

Anyway, here is the video:

From the start, they have tried to portray any opposition to Obama’s policies as racist.

It is a pretty dirty thing to do.

But that’s all they have left.


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