Garrison Keillor is a Mean Old Man

Garrison Keillor, that rich guy from Anoka, doesn’t like you.

True to form,  (Why do all these “little-people despisers” live in huge mansions?) he lives in a very large house in Saint Paul, and in Manhattan. The New York Times said of his home “His home is of such beauty and scale that had Rhett Butler been a Midwestern boy he would have found it quite suitable for hauling Scarlett up the stairs”

The rich are different than you and me. They have huge houses, and they don’t want you anywhere near them.

According to  Keillor, you are an idiot, a moron, a follower, a religious nut, an automoton who is too stupid to do anything but follow what Glenn Beck says, an anti-science fool; you have bad taste, acne, eczema and foot oder.

There is a point at which some people are just mean old men. Keillor is there.

Exhibit A:  Average Americans should not engage in politics. Don’t they understand how stupid they look?

Exhibit B: The annual Rolling Thunder Memorial Day parade delayed his little trip for a few minutes. Therefore, the bikers are fake patriots. The fact that they spent their day honoring the fallen dead  by participating in a Memorial day parade proves their lack of patriotism. Real Patriots go to the National Gallery on Memorial day and gush over Cezanne.

Apparently being a jerk is the highest form of human existence. I’d rather be governed by the first hundred names in the Anoka phone book than I would by this guy and his friends.


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