He Should Know All About Disinformation

You can’t be allowed to get your information without the MSM filtering it, says Michael Mann:

“There has been a transition in the way people get their news over the last decade or so, from the traditional print media to online sources of news,” says Michael Mann, one of the key researchers behind the now-famous “hockey stick” graph (which shows the temperature of the Earth steeply rising in the 20th century after a long period of stability – data hotly disputed by the online skeptics, although accepted by the scientific community).

“I think the climate-change-denial movement has recognized that transition was taking place and has really invested a lot of effort and resources in creating this huge infrastructure of online disinformation. And I think it is a challenge for legitimate news organizations to compete with that massive disinformation network.”

You’re all stupid, and can only be told things by reporters who take the Global Warming Journalism Oath: ” I will never report anything contrary to what Michael Mann and his friends say, because they are always right and no debate can be allowed in the realm of climate science. Amen”.


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