More Global Warming, Please. (II)

Remember how the Washington Post reported that new hurricane study? See post below.

Their headline was something like “New study shows stronger hurricanes because of global warming”. They left out half of the story.

Here is USA Today’s story.

Based on the analysis, Knutson says, the number of tropical cyclones around the world can be expected to decrease 6% to 34% by the end of the century. On average, about 87 tropical cyclones form each year globally. So by 2100, there could be as few as 57 storms each year.

 So Global warming is making everything better. Much, much better.

But just as the overall numbers decrease, the study finds that the intensity of the strongest storms is forecast to increase, from 2% to 11%, by the end of the century.

Is that bad? Not really:

Landsea says the potential increase in strong hurricanes is “pretty tiny. We’re not looking at any drastic increase by 2100.” For example, he says, a 150-mph hurricane might increase only to a 157-mph hurricane. “In my perspective, that’s a little change, a long ways in the future.”

 He says the focus should be more on societal effects of hurricanes. He notes that damage costs for each hurricane are doubling in the USA every 10 to 15 years: “Societal changes are much more important than the changes due to global warming.”

In other words, it’s not the warming that is causing the higher damage costs. It’s that we are building more stuff on the coasts where it can get hit by hurricanes.

Notice the difference between this one and the Washington Post article. You have to assume the Post article was written by people who were trying to hide the truth from you. They took a study that basically said global warming was good for us and twisted it into something beyond recognition.


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