The one thing that tells you he is completely unserious

King Obama the Weird will be holding his Health Care Summit stunt today.

The one thing that tells you he is completely unserious is this: His new plan includes funding for abortions. He knows this will never pass. He knows this is a fatal flaw that will keep his own party from passing a bill. Right now Politico figures they lack 15 votes in the House.

So what is he up to?  I guess it is just an attempt to show the Republicans as obstructionists. He will say, Gee, they could have signed on to my plan, and they refused to do so, so they must be blamed.

This is all a stunt, and it is solely intended to play politics one way or the other. If Obama had wanted to be open about the process, he would have done so from the beginning. We would have had a summer full of C-Span to watch the wheeling and dealing. I suppose that since he broke his promise, he will now say that a creepy little one day conference showed that he kept his promise. No way.

He could have easily had a compromise bill that did something for the American people. He rejected that, choosing to go whole hog for the big leftist dream of complete government takeover.

What a piece of work is [this] man.

UPDATE: The Washington Post today is filled with stories saying that everyone knows this meeting is a sham, and that Democrats are now deciding amongst themselves how to proceed. They never had any intention at all of seriously considering the Republicans’ plans. They only wanted to appear to be reasonable.

“It largely depends what the Republicans come to the table with,” said Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who plans to attend the summit. “If it’s just coming to repeat a lot of the stuff we’ve heard for six months, then I don’t expect much out of it.” He added: “We’re not going to start writing a bill all over again.”

Yeah, like Democrats are in such a strong position here, with two thirds of the country hating their bill.

Congressional Democrats are already looking beyond the White House health-care summit, reckoning that Thursday’s session will amount to little more than political theater and focusing instead on a final round of intraparty negotiations that are likely to determine the fate of President Obama‘s top domestic priority.

No, I suppose it is all a set up. Now, as they pass the bill by reconciliation, (if they can), they will say “Oh, we tried so hard to work with the Republicans, but they just refused to work with us. So we had to use reconciliation.

What a weird crowd we have here. They are bizarre, arrogant, and foolish. Never has an administration so thorougly believed its own lies.


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