Is Obama Giving Paul Ryan the Finger?

Watch this video. First of all, Paul Ryan spanks Obama unmercifully. This is just part of Ryan’s complete comments which I posted below.

Second, look at Obama’s face.  He is getting spanked, and he knows it.

Third, watch Obama and his middle finger. (At 2:10 and 2:37) There are some people who claim that Obama does this whenever he is getting bested in an argument. It may be a simple quirk, an unfortunate placement of the fingers. But, knowing Obama’s narcissism and his super-sized ego, it is likely that he would not be able to face the fact that he was being bested. He might just tell himself that he was being deeply insulted instead. And that might give rise to the finger.

At this point, I think it is just an unfortunate placement of the fingers. In the second example, he has two fingers to his lips. But wouldn’t a public figure who was used to being in public all the time, and being examined carefully all the time, be aware of such things? Wouldn’t staff have gotten him over this quirk?


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