How Did The Government Get So Sloppy With Money?

The Congressional Budget Office says we could save $54 billion over ten years if we adopted the Republican plan for tort reform.

What do the Democrats say? They say “Pffff! That’s only 5.4 billion dollars a year! That’s almost nothing. We are not going to even waste our time trying to save $5.4 billion per year!”

So it’s come to that.

$5.4 billion is chump change to them. They would rather waste it than sit down and include it in their bill. To them, $5.4 Billion is like a penny they dropped. Too much effort to bend over and pick it up.

If they are saying this about health care, what else are they saying it about? How many hundred times have they said this about education, the military, welfare, and other things.

If you ran your business like that, you would be bankrupt in a year.

If you ran your government like that…


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