The Price of Useless Arrogance

Obama was quite a jerk yesterday, in some ways. He imperiously demeaned John McCain, caustically saying “The campaign is over” after McCain made a good point. It was a slap in the face. He basically accused McCain of being a phony, a grasper, a rank opportunist of no substance.

It was a typical Obama put down. Someone makes a valid point against you; to avoid losing the debate you demean them, as if they had said something stupid.

But John McCain does not take well to being publicly embarrassed by an arrogant fool. Obama just turned on McCain’s “I will fight you to the last breath I take” switch.

McCain probably would have fought reconciliation, but would not have been an up front, going-on-TV-over-and-over again-kind of guy.

But after Obama’s senseless comment, McCain will never rest.


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