When Are the English Going to Grow a Pair?

Another example of the complete breakdown of English society.

“We own you, you puritanical, homophobic religious nuts!”

That’s not exactly what Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families for the UK, said on BBC yesterday, but it really isn’t too far off the mark:

If you are currently a Catholic school … you could choose to teach only to children that contraception is wrong, homosexuality is wrong. That changes radically with this bill.”

“A Catholic faith school can say to their pupils we believe as a religion contraception is wrong but what they can’t do is therefore say that they are not going to teach them about contraception to children, how to access contraception, or how to use contraception. What this changes is that for the first time these schools cannot just ignore these issues or teach only one side of the argument. They also have to teach that there are different views on homosexuality. They cannot teach homophobia. They must explain civil partnership. They must give a balanced view on abortion, they must give both sides of the argument, they must explain how to access an abortion, the same is true on contraception as well.”

This guy is very lucky he is in England. If a public official tried to do this in the United States, I’m afraid he would be run out of town on a rail. You see, in America we still value personal freedom. We don’t let the fools in government tell us what to do. We don’t let them tell us how to raise our children. We don’t let them tell us what our churches can or can not say. This little dork would not make dogcatcher here. .

It’s a little thing we learned from the English. You may have heard of them. Apparently they went extinct.

Those quotes and others can be read on the blog of John Smeaton, director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). In addition, Balls, in a letter to The Times (Feb. 23, 2010), stated,

While schools with a religious character will be free, as now, to express the views of their faith, what they cannot do is suggest that their views are the only ones. All schools will be required to cover in their teaching of personal, social and health education the full range of content prescribed in the statutory programme of study for secondary schools and in the relevant parts of the new primary curriculum.

The bottom line is that all young people should receive accurate and balanced information and discrimination is prevented in all schools.

And, of course, the State is always the best place to go when you are shopping for “accurate and balanced” information about abortion, sex education, diversity, and family life. Absolutely! Forget about drinking the Culture of Death Kool-Aid—simply dive in and bathe in the stuff


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