Paranoia Strikes Deep. Into Your Life It Will Creep. It Starts When You’re Always Afraid…

Frank Rich’s latest column is little more than hate speech. He hates the Tea Partiers, and so no illogical paranoid conclusion will be omitted from his piece. Most of the column is clearly factually wrong. Most of it resembles the style that Josef Goebbels used against the Jews before and during World War II. “We hate them, therefore they are dirty, conspiratorial, crazy, and they are plotting violent deeds against the Fatherland”. There is not much difference between Goebbels approach and Rich’s. Hammer away, repeat false charges, stir up emotion rather than the intellect – it’s all been done before.

In the little paranoid world of Frank Rich, apparently making all these “connections” makes sense. But in the real world where facts are facts and paranoid people have little sway, things are quite different.


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