What Color Is The Sky in Obama’s World?

Well, President Pinnochio showed up again yesterday at the White House.

Nothing has changed. He tells the same old lies about the same old bill. He seems to have never heard a single thing that critics of the plan have said. He pretends this is the most urgent thing in the universe when it is not. He plays his pathetic little Alinsky games – picks his target, fixes it and demonizes it : Insurance companies.

What color is the sky in his world? When he tells the story, it’s as if nobody in the country has health care. It’s as if everyone is lying in the gutter, bleeding, too poor to go see a doctor.

In America everyone gets health care, regardless of the ability to pay. Yet Obama pretends that no one in America gets health care, unless they can pay. This is clearly ridiculous.

In Obama’s mind, the only thing insurance companies do is rip people off. The only thing they do is laugh while they deny cancer patients medicines. Doctors shriek with pleasure as they cut off diabetics’ feet. just to make more money.

In Obama’s mind, his bill reduces the deficit. This is yet another bit of wish fulfilment. Everyone knows when the government sets out to do something, it costs way more than they predict. It costs two, three, four or five times as much.

Obama pretends that the CBO can forecast costs ten or twenty years out. But they are only making best guesses, based on very, very limited information., They will be the first ones to tell you their estimates are just that – estimates subject to change.

The WSJ today says:

 ‘Every argument has been made. Everything that there is to say about health care has been said, and just about everybody has said it,” President Obama declared yesterday as he urged Democrats to steamroll his plan through Congress. What hasn’t been heard, however, is even a shred of White House honesty about the true costs of ObamaCare, or its fiscal consequences.

Nearby, we reprint Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan’s remarks at the health summit last week, which methodically dismantle the falsehoods—there is no other way of putting it—that Mr. Obama has used to sell “reform” and repeated again yesterday. No one in the political class has even tried to refute Mr. Ryan’s arguments, though he made them directly to the President and his allies, no doubt because they are irrefutable. If Democrats are willing to ignore overwhelming public opposition to ObamaCare and pass it anyway, then what’s a trifling dispute over a couple of trillion dollars?

At his press conference yesterday, Mr. Obama claimed that “my proposal would bring down the cost of health care for millions—families, businesses and the federal government.” He said it is “fully paid for” and “brings down our deficit by up to $1 trillion over the next two decades.” Never before has a vast new entitlement been sold on the basis of fiscal responsibility, and one reason ObamaCare is so unpopular is that Americans understand the contradiction between untold new government subsidies and claims of spending restraint. They know a Big Con when they hear one.

Mr. Obama’s fiscal assertions are possible only because of the fraudulent accounting and budget gimmicks that Democrats spent months calibrating. Readers can find the gory details in Mr. Ryan’s pre-emptive rebuttal nearby, though one of the most egregious deceptions is that the bill counts 10 years of taxes but only six years of spending.

The real cost over a decade is about $2.3 trillion on paper, Mr. Ryan estimates, and even that is a lowball estimate considering how many people will flood to “free” health care and how many businesses will be induced to drop coverage. Mr. Obama claimed yesterday that the plan will cost “about $100 billion per year,” but in fact the costs ramp up each year the program exists. The far more likely deficits are $460 billion over the first 10 years, and $1.4 trillion over the next 10.

In Obama’s mind, the Congress is about to do wondrous things.

What Mr. Ryan calls “probably the most cynical gimmick” deserves special attention, which is known in Washington as the “doc fix.” Next month Medicare physician payments are scheduled to be cut by 22% and deeper thereafter, though Congress is sure to postpone the reductions as it always does. Failing to account for this inevitability takes nearly a quarter-trillion dollars off the ObamaCare books and by itself wipes out the “savings” that the White House continues to take credit for.

He lives in a fantasy world, where he can make up his facts.



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