The Big Push for Obamacare Is Probably A Fake

Obama’s big push for reconcilation and passage of Obamacare is probably one big fake out.

I suspect Pelosi told him she had lost votes since the first time the House passed it, and there would be no passage of a final bill.

At this point, Obama decided he was in trouble. Having given up on the public option, and compromised in a few minor ways, the left would be furious with him for not trying harder to pass the bill. He would be lambasted in the lefty blogs for having given luke warm attention to the whole matter.

As a result, in the coming elections, he would lose Republicans, Independents; and his base would fracture and fall apart, leaving him with absolutely nothing.

So, his only choice was this: Go whole hog to pretend to pass the bill, even though he knows it will never pass. Pretend to fight, fight, fight, for exactly what the base wants. He’ll never get it, but at least he can look like he went down with all guns firing. At least in the coming elections, he will have a base to rally, even if he has lost everyone else.

It was his only option.

You can tell that Obama was highly unserious because he is backing a version of the bill that would sneakily fund abortions. He knows no bill will pass if it will fund abortions. The only way to keep 43 Democratic House members on board is by including the Stupak language. And he did not do that.

So you can tell he does not really expect to pass a bill. He is setting himself up for the next election.


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