Not Really Close, No Cigar.

A new paper is being touted that says absolutely, postively, there is no question – that humans are responsible for climate change.

Met Office analysis reveals ‘clear fingerprints’ of man-made climate change

Climate scientists say the 100 studies of sea ice, rainfall and temperature should help the public to make up their own minds on global warming

It is an “increasingly remote possibility” that human activity is not the main cause of climate change, according to a major Met Office review of more than 100 scientific studies that track the observed changes in the Earth’s climate system.

The research will strengthen the case for human-induced climate change against sceptics who argue that the observed changes in the Earth’s climate can largely be explained by natural variability

But then, someone started looking at the study. It turns out it was all just smoke-blowing. No fingerprints were found.


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