A Slightly Soviet Tinge To Their Hysteria.

They are in such a rush to declare the Tea Partiers as enemies of mankind. It’s weird, and funny.

What did the Soviets do when anyone stood up and demanded freedom? They were denounced for being “counterrevolutionary” and “reactionary”.

And, they put them in insane asylums. They said they were crazy.

The Tea Parties are only a response to Obama’s strong radicalism. They  only want a return to the America they grew up in, and nothing more. They are mostly driven by the Democrats’ irresponsiiblity with regard to the deficit.  

What is the left’s response to the Tea Parties? It seems a lot like the response of the Soviets:

The Rise of the Reactionary Right

Conservatism as a revolt against civilization itself.

If you want to live in a free country, a country with a limited government, it means you are against civilization itself.

And then, they try to claim the Tea Partiers are crazy.

You definitely get the impression that Democrats will brook no opposition.


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