Aha. Now the Massa Deal becomes Clear

The House decided to close its investigation of Eric Massa for groping his staff.

That is a very unusual decision. Supposedly Massa’s resignation made the whole issue moot.

But this is nonsense. When wrongdoing of that nature takes place, a full report and investigation must be done, so everyone understands what happened. You can’t have a National furor over something and then say “Nevermind”.

And now Massa’s appearance on Glenn Beck makes sense. Massa is one slimy character. He apparently told Beck that he had all sorts of secret information to spill on the Democrats. He used the threat of spilling the beans over Pelosi and Hoyer’s heads as bargaining chip. Either they shut down the investigation, or he would tell all on Beck.

Apparently, he could have caused some serious trouble, because Hoyer and Pelosi apparently made a deal with him to shut down the investigation completely if he would resign – and if he would shut up.

So, after telling Beck he had something, he went on Beck’s show and essentially said nothing.

The most ethical Congress, evah.


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