Tom Hanks is a Fool.

History used to be a process where the historian told the truth about the past.

Since the left has taken over academia, history has become something else altogether. It became a tool. A tool to help achieve leftist goals.

And so, History became about telling lies. If what really happened does not fit your political views, you just change it.

Now, this suited Hollywood just fine. Nobody will watch a TV show or movie about how great America is; that is too well known. That is too humdrum. But if you make a show where America is the villain, well that gets noticed. Because it is so awfully, predictably, stupidly wrong, people will talk about it. Larry King will do a whole show on it.

Lying gets you noticed these days.

It doesn’t matter if you slander an entire generation. You can make some money on it, and you can get yourself noticed.

Howard Zinn sold at least 2 million books by lying about American history. Schools in this country push this mush down kids throats. Islamic radicals love this stuff. It gives them cover to hate us; they hate us already, but these pseudo-histories make them sound as if they have legitimate arguments. They don’t.

And now comes Tom Hanks , who tells us that the only reason we went to war with the Japanese is because we were dirty little racists.

Back in World War II, we viewed the Japanese as ‘yellow, slant-eyed dogs’ that believed in different gods. They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different. Does that sound familiar, by any chance, to what’s going on today?”

That is the single dumbest statement ever made by an American. How  dumb do you have to be to think that we went to war with the Japanese because “they were different”? It is perhaps the laziest interpretation of World War II that has ever been given. We engaged in a whole world war because they “believed in different gods”? That’s just stupid.

Let’s give Hanks a refresher course in history. 

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931. Ultimately, they would kill 20 million Chinese.

In 1932, a group of Japanese officers assassinated their Prime Minister because he supported the London Naval Treaty, which was an attempt to achieve peace by limiting armaments.

In 1937, the Rape of Nanking takes place. Japan invaded the city of Nanking,and promptly murdered 300,000 civilians.

Japan decided they wanted to invade and conquer most of Asia. They called it their “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity sphere”

In 1940, Japan makes it clear whose side they are on – they join forces with the Nazis and fascist Italy by signing the Tripartite pact. The three powers decide to carve up the world among themselves.

In 1940, they invade French Indochina (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos). The Japanese promptly start arresting women on the streets, giving them forced medical examinations, and then putting them in brothels for the use of their troops.

In 1941, the military does away with the civilian government. Now a General rules Japan – General Tojo. According to wikipedia, Tojo also served as Education minister at the same time and “he continued militaristic and nationalist indoctrination in the national education system, and reaffirmed illiberal policies in government. As Home Minister, he approved of various eugenics measures”

In 1941, we finally imposed a ban on oil exports to Japan in an effort to finally get them to stop. It did not work.

In 1941, the Japanese  launch a sneak attack against the United States fleet at Pearl Harbor – all while their diplomats in Washington pretend to negotiate for peace. They quickly attack and invade the Philippines,  Thailand, Guam, Burma, British Borneo, Hong Kong, Singapore.

In early 1942, they attack the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia, Borneo). After the Philippines fall, the Bataan Death March takes place. United States prisoners of war are marched to death, bayonetted to death, starved to death, worked to death, left to starve and die of thirst. 5,000 out of 12,000 POW’s die on the march. Many more die in the POW camps afterward from being worked to death, from lack of food and basic medical care. An extermination campaign begins in China: wikipedia says , “According to historian Mitsuyoshi Himeta, at least 2.7 million civilians died during the kill all, loot all, burn all operation (Three Alls Policy, or sanko sakusen) implemented in May 1942 in North China by general Yasuji Okamura and authorized on 3 December 1941 by Imperial Headquarter Order number 575.”

And the war started because we didn’t like their gods?

Or because Americans couldn’t stand someone who was different?

Tom Hanks is a fool.

There is no other conclusion.

60 years after, the full court press is on. Blur the facts, pretend that America was just as responsible for the war as the Japanese. Pretend that people in the past had petty reasons for going to war. Pretend they were petty, mean and low while you are moral and virtuous. 

It is a deep, personal  insult to every fighting man who lost his life against the Japanese to say we fought them because we didn’t like their gods, or because we didn’t like people who were different. This is shallow, childish thought, unworthy of anyone, let alone Tom Hanks.

Hanks did great work with Band of Brothers and Saving Private RyanThe Pacific may turn out to be a good show in spite of the comments made by its producer.

Let’s hope so.


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