Vapid Misconception. And the UN is Run by Such People?

From the Dot Net blog of the Times:

They’re going after your children again. Since they can’t convince adults, they try to scare the wits out of the children:

But  Olav Kjorven, an assistant secretary general at the United Nations involved with the meeting, spent the last year visiting religious orders around the world to see what faiths could bring to the climate table. The answer, Mr. Kjorven told me, is a lot, and not simply in prayer.

Religions, he explained, run more than half the world’s schools, so tweaking a curriculum to include more on the environment can have a big impact. Their vast financial holdings provide leverage and capital for investments with environmental or social benefits. At the conference, which ends on Wednesday, many faiths will be  announcing long-term plans to make more of an impact in an arena that has not tended to be a top priority.

And then, their understanding of religion is about as flawed as their understanding of God:

“What religion has to offer when it comes to mobilizing for action on climate change or any environmental issue has been completely not taken into a count so far,” Mr. Kjorven said. “The environmental agenda has always had an anchor in science, facts and data. Religion tended to be seen by secular science-oriented people as superstition. Besides, those are the guys who think evolution never happened.

It seems these people at the UN are about as sophisticated as a rock.

The percentage of religious people who think that evolution never happened is very small. There are some fundamentalists who believe it, but by and large religious people accept it and just say God was the cause of it.  The Catholic church, for example, constantly issues statements saying they are just fine with the theory, and of course they teach it in all their schools.

But this is the level of understanding of UN officials. It is pretty pathetic.


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