“Coffee Party” Apparently a Racist, Conspiracy Theory Plagued Organization

Someone at American Thinker reports on what they saw at the Coffee Party.

The Coffee Party is that fake organization set up by former Obama activists, and promoted by the MSM. They like to pretend they have uncovered a mass movement.

30 people is not a mass movement.

But anyway, if the same slant is given to their meetings, as is given by the MSM to the Tea Party movement, we would find out they are a bunch of conspiracy theory nuts, who are probably racists, because no black people are in their movement:

The “brainstorming” session became increasingly hard to follow as everyone seemed to be talking at once in liberal gibberish. Suddenly our scruffy grad student (Steve?) caught my attention by shifting the conversation to climate change. I bit my tongue as he told us that he have finally given up trying to convince “right wingers” about the dangers of man-made global warming because no matter how much evidence was presented they continued to deny the science. As he explained it, the best course of action was to promote “green energy”, conservation and recycling as just being the right thing to do…until we can figure out how to pass Cap and Trade.

My head was spinning, when from across the room I heard a woman talking about how the Oil Companies were spreading lies about the Prius because it was too fuel efficient! Could sitting in a room full of liberals be causing me to hallucinate?

…One final note. The tea party movement has been criticized for being “racist” because of the alleged lack of minority participation. The Milwaukee coffee party that I attended did not have a single member of any minority group, although I strongly suspect that the alternative lifestyles community was well represented.


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