Matt Damon Thinks the Sunni Insurgents Were the Heroes?

Obviously, Hollywood has gone mad.

First we have Tom Hanks comment that World War II was started because of racism, presumably ours, or at least on both sides equally. It is a very nutty proposition.

Now we have Matt Damon making a movie where the Sunni insurgents in Iraq that killed so many thousands of their fellow countrymen – you remember, cutting off heads, disemboweling the UN lady in Fallujah, and so on. Damon believes these guys are the heroes:

In Does Hollywood Make You Stupid? I noted, among other things, the imminent release of Green Zone, the latest in Hollywood’s long string of anti-Iraq-war movies. Green Zone, starring Matt Damon and directed by Paul Greengrass, tries to rewrite the history of the war, claiming that the CIA, the Bush administration and the Army knew all along that Saddam lacked stockpiles of WMDs, and that Sunni insurgents were admirable patriots targeted by evil American death squads. Seriously.

Now, you might say Damon merely made a thrilling movie,that he really doesn’t believe this. Nonsense. He believes it through and through. He is a great fan of Howard Zinn and the like. Zinn was a great America Hater, a guy who could not tell the truth if it bit him in the rear end. Damon has long been a bit of a crackpot, and trust me, he believes it.

How can they make these movies that lose so much money? Well, the caustic answer is that they are working for the enemy. The movies work perfectly as anti-american dreams that sell well in the Middle East and in other places that hate us.

The world has a strong contingent that wants to believe we are evil. Hollywood makes movies for them. So, in the long run, the movie may not lose money.

See how we have evolved? During World War II Hollywood made patriotic movies. Now they make patriotic  movies, they just make them for the other side.


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