EJ Dionne: Obscure Leftist Nun’s Group Are Better Catholics Than The Bishops.

EJ Dionne is out today with a column that favors the funding of abortions.

Now, EJ, is Catholic, and he’s one of those very liberal Catholics. The Church is supposed to do what he and the MSM tells it to do. He is very upset when it won’t. And those nasty Bishops are doing things the wrong way again, darn it:

One of the tragedies of the viciously politicized battle over health-care reform is the defection of the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops from a cause they have championed for decades.

Indifferent to political fashions, the bishops were the strongest voices in support of universal health coverage, a position rooted in Catholic social thought that calls for a special solicitude toward the poor.

Yet on the make-or-break roll call that will determine the fate of health-care reform, bishops are urging that the bill be voted down. They are doing so on the basis of a highly tendentious reading of the abortion provisions in the Senate measure.

No, the bishops view of the legislation is not tendentious. It just sees through the various smoke and mirrors tricks that Democrats are using to pretend the bill does not fund abortions. Of course it does. A child could see that. But, I suppose if you are part of the Pretend-Land that Democrats inhabit, you simply must pretend along with all of the other Democrats. The whole thing is pretend – let’s pretend it will reduce costs; let’s pretend it will reduce the deficit. let’s pretend it will make things easier on everyone; let’s pretend it is not a government takeover.  

It’s a gigantic boondoggle.

And EJ pretends that the supposed Nuns group that came out in support of the bill is really Catholic. They’re not. They are some of the most notorioius anti-Catholic church nuns in the world, dissidents and radicals and leftists. Joan Chittester is the second name on the list. Need I say more?She has fought the church for decades. She is no normal nun, no one has heard of her group before, and it does not represent 59,000 nuns just because it says it does.

And in pretty little Pretend-Land EJ knows what is really in the hearts of the Bishops. I think he has been hanging out with Obama far too long:

By passing it, they would save the bishops from the moral opprobrium that would rightly fall upon them if they succeeded in killing the best chance we have to extend health coverage to 30 million Americans. I suspect that many bishops would be quietly grateful. In their hearts, they know the nuns are right.

The fact is, EJ knows this supposed nuns group is just a bunch of radicals, who have been fighting the church on everything for the last 40 years. He knows they don’t represent anyone, really. But he sees a political opportunity to split the united Catholic position against the bill,and as a good little minion of the left, he is going to use everything he can to support a government takeover of health care.

EJ would prefer abortion funding anyway. He knows it’s in the bill and he wants it passed.


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