How To Tie A Nation Up

Powerline says that all of the conversations that people have now about their doctors – having to wait, being treated poorly, poor skill levels – will all be converted into a discussion about government.

If Obamacare passes, we turn ourselves into a government that does nothing but infinitely debate waiting times, treatments, who gets what allocation of our medical resources.

It will be an infinite waste of time, a displacement of the proper discussions of government. Once government takes over all your personal duties and obligations, the whole public square becomes

Notice how no one is talking about Iran getting the bomb? The nation needs to be aware of issues other than health care, and yet Obama has successfully diverted the nation’s attention from every other thing we have to do.

And so the world spins on, perhaps spinning out of control, and no one is going to notice.

Powerline says:

“If Obamacare passes, President Obama and the Democrats will become part of, and perhaps dominate, most of these conversations. Every excessive wait, every missed phone call, every postponed appointment will become Obama’s fault. . . . These complaints won’t be confined to the elderly. Old people complain more about their dealings with doctors primarily because they spend so much more time with them. But I’ve never met a person who likes being blown off by a doctor or sitting for 40 minutes in the waiting room, plus an extra 15 in the examining room before the doctor arrives. Nor have I ever met a person who enjoys hearing his or her aging parents complain about their medical service, especially when the complaint is justified.”

The country will become stupider. More ignorant. More distracted.

Rather than debating great issues of the day, we will be faced with a billion little issues: should cancer patients get wigs for their chemotherapy? Is treatment X better than treatment Y? Why is the government paying for Z? Why isn’t it paying for XZ? I want better glasses! These glasses are crap! Should velcro be used on casts if it is produced in sweatshops in Indonesia? How good should those chemo wigs be? Mrs. So and so wrote Obama a letter about her crummy wig. We need better wigs for our people” says the Congressmen.

A million of those. All the time.

It diminishes everyone who takes part in the discussion, it diminishes the whole nation.


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