Tom Hanks Fact of the Day 5

Tom Hanks says we hated the Japanese, and tried to “annihilate” them (they only tried to “kill” us) because we were racist.

No, we hated them so vehemently, and considered them beneath humanity, because that is the way they behaved.

Fact of the Day: The “Kill all, Loot all, Burn all policy” was a terror campaign the Japanese engaged in in China in early 1942. They killed an estimated 2.7 million Chinese in this effort alone. They laid waste to vast areas of China, killing everything and everybody in sight, while also burning down every village.

Reading Material: Liberal hero Teddy White wrote a magazine article about the Chinese struggle against the Japanese that was published in Life Magazine:

What the Japanese have done to occupied China is one of the most monstrous historic crimes every perpetrated against one people by another. In a sense it is so great that the Japanese themselves have been trapped, for as each succeeding barbarity failed of success, it called forth some new device and doctrine of savagery. In seven years, the baffled Japanese have arrived at a total political bankruptcy that is summed up in a new slogan: “Kill All, Burn All, Loot All”…

…The motive and impulse of war comes from hate. The atrocity lists here in Yenan couldn’t even be published in the United States. Rape in every ingenius variation is commonplace. Murder is a low form of crime. Massacres follow one another with a degraded monotony. There were a series of massacres at Pingyang on October 18th of last year which became famous. The Japanese gathered the villagers around and then cut off the head of one girl. They then impaled it on a chair, and forced the people to kneel and contemplate it. This was part of the softening up process to make them talk. They made the girl’s mother fondle the head, and then they beheaded the mother too. They picked out five pretty women for their pleasure, then herded the rest of the villagers into a cave and burned them to death. They moved on to neighboring villages, burning 16 peasants alive in one spot, eight alive elsewhere. They got tired of simple burning, and at the next stop, Shantsuitou, theyblindfolded 15 villagers and kicked them alive from the  mountaintops.

Up and down the Pingyang area the Japanese moved. Rarely did they waste bullets. In one village, the Japanese took a pregnant young woman and summoned 20 other village women as they placed the woman in a coffin and cut her at her breasts. A Japanese soldier inserted his hand and tore the tissue away until he reached her heart. She had died before he reached her heart, but he ripped it out.

The point is, I could go on day after day, listing Japanese atrocities. As White says, massacres follow one another with a degraded monotony. The story is the same wherever the Japanese went. The Philippines, Indochina, Burma, Thailand, Pacific Islands – Japanese ruthlessly murdered civilians, as easily and as often as they breathed.

For Hanks to even hint that we were the racist ones is simply unforgiveable, and a deep insult to every American who fought in that war. They weren’t idiots; they knew what they were doing. Hanks thinks he can fit everything into his nice little liberal superiority pigeonhole. It wasn’t that way. Hanks is like a child trying to explain things he doesn’t understand, all in an effort to portray himself as noble and moral, and 150 million other Americans of the 1940’s as insipid and immoral.

Everyone expects more, much more, from Hanks. It is so easy to sit there 60 years later and look down at the people of the time. The people, I might add, that saved humanity from the likes of Japan and Nazi Germany.

If his great historical insights are this shallow, he is a a poor man indeed.


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