Designed to Fail

Obamacare has been designed to fail. That’s the whole point. Once this bill fails miserably, after it drives all private companies from the field, and increases health care costs, then our only alternative will be to have the government take the whole thing over.

That  is why this bill is so weird and obviously unworkable. It isn’t really trying to fix anything. It’s trying to destroy something. It makes the private insurance business unprofitable.

We will have no choice. That is the evil brilliance of the plan. Once the private insurance companies fail, and leave the field, they are not coming back. They will not be resurrected. Private capital will not take the risk to start massive new health insurance companies from scratch. All of the private insurance company employees will have gone onto other jobs.

Government will be the only option left.

 If you believe as I do that the president’s health-care reform legislation will not perform as advertised, you can see it as a failure of the policy itself. Or you can see it as an inevitable consequence of the fact that the legislation was, as liberal wonks insist, a “moderate Republican bill,” one that true progressives supported only very reluctantly. So to fix the legislation, we’ll need to spend more money, further centralize the system, and impose tighter regulation and control. And if that doesn’t work, well, clearly we need to spend still more money, centralize the system even more, and impose even tighter regulation and control. Wash, rinse, repeat.


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