They don’t want to know the truth.

It’s bad for the country when the sunday news shows become vehicles for the spreading of misinformation.

The media has completely abandoned its role as the body that ferrets out the truth,and instead has entirely flipped – now they actively promote government propaganda.

On Meet the Press – which has taken a decided leftward lurch after the death of Tim Russert – several of the guests were just spreading misinformation today. Jon Meachem, who works for a magazine that has proudly abandoned objectivity ( in which case, why is he even on the show?)

Both he and the ever-present Doris Kearns Goodwin lamented the fact that John Lewis was “spit upon” and had the word ‘nigger’ hurled at him. But there are at least 4 or 5 videos of the incident, none of them shows the least bit of racism.

Congressman Cleaver pretended he was spat upon, but the video evidence shows that a guy was yelling at him, and some spittle accidentally made its way unto Cleaver. Say it, don’t spray it stuff.

Barney Frank said he was subject to crowds chanting “faggot”; it turns out that the ever-touchy Frank was unloading F-bombs at the crowd, when one man yelled back “fag”. Then, the Tea Party crowd turned on him and the man disappeared.

And then we have this curious video of Jesse Jackson. You can tell what he is doing. He is taunting the crowd. He is trying to get them to say something. And, it didn’t work. One would suppose that if the crazy rabble were as crazy as they claim, surely someone would have vented their ugly racist soul at Jackson. But nothing happened. It turns out the rabble is not racist, as they presumed.

Yet, here we have one of the most prestigious news shows advancing blatant falsehoods.


Well, the answer is clear. They don’t want to know the truth.

The truth is an inconvenient bug in the software for them. Their Master Plan says X; reality says Y; therefore reality must be discounted, abused and denigrated.

It was pretty scary watching them all today, spouting the most ridiculous nonsense ever to come out of political mouths. You know these people read the blogs. You know they know the truth. And yet they are all out there, regimented and automaton-like, spouting the party line.

They live in a little cocoon now, separated from the rest of the world. They are somehow insulated from reality, and they tell each other the most outrageous stories. And, apparently to save their jobs, they have to believe all the nonsense they tell each other.


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