Ah, the Twirling Book Guy.


Thoughts as I watched this goofiness:

1): It’s boring. No wonder they have trouble getting people to come to church.

2):  It’s like a bad parody of itself.

3): This is just silly.

4): Hey. Maybe they were trying to kill mosquites that got into the auditorium. 

5): It’s kind of like the pagan witches dancing in the moonlight, isn’t it? Rocks and water and pools?

6) Ooh, A “Gathering song”. Boy, what a crummy song. It’s like the worst of the worst of Muzak.

7) Guess where the focus really is. On God? Nah. It’s one big “hey, look at me. Look at what I can do! Honor me!”

8) And bonus! The twirling book guy! Will he get dizzy and fall on his face? Is there any room for dignity in this ceremony? Nope. I think that step is called the doe-see-doe. Alaman left.

Best comment:

“I can just imagine Cheeks and Chong at this conference”


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