Please Don’t Let the Crazy People Near the Atmosphere

After their massive fail in the global warming department, they have decided to shift gears. Since they can’t force us to shut down all our power plants and stop using cars, well then, they have to sprinkle dark dust over the whole earth to change the way sunlight is reflected, or some such nonsense.

These are the people who would screw up a perfectly good planet to assuage their overheated and baseless fears about a future that exists only in their heads. Please don’t let them anywhere near the atmosphere.

The struggle over weighing possible manipulations of the atmosphere as a backstop strategy brings home the reality that we’re poised to move from a mainly extractive relationship with the planet to a more managerial role. ( James Lovelock thinks humans may simply be “too stupid” to deal with this kind of problem.) I’m not nearly that cynical; l see this as kind of a species-scale variant on an individual poised  to come of age after a long, rambunctious adolescence.

Jibber jabber alert: You must understand that jibber jabber is the preferred mode of communication at today’s universities. The more abstract and obtuse and impenetrable the language, the smarter you seem. You must address whole systems and correct whole ways of thought:

As I put together the post on the role of boosted intelligence in meshing infinite human aspirations with a finite planet, it brought to mind a theme that has been tugging at me for years now. It’s the question of how to blend data, uncertainty and values to produce a worldview and way of life in a…

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