The Elephant In the Room. Someone Finally Says it.

You are not supposed to talk about this, but here it is. The John Jay study of abuse in the priesthood found:

The incidence of sexual molestation of a minor under eleven years of age did not vary as greatly throughout the period [1950-2004] as did the molestation of older children. In addition, the incidence of abuse of females did not change as dramatically as did the incidence of the abuse of males. There was, however, a more than six-fold increase in the number of reported acts of abuse of males aged eleven to seventeen between the 1950s and the 1970s

In other words, once the Catholic Church started accepting large numbers of homosexuals into the priesthood, something changed. Large numbers of teenage boys started being abused. 

Russ Douthat says:

This data informs the conservative Catholic argument that the post-Vatican II exodus of straight men from religious life and the spread of a sexually-active gay subculture within the priesthood is the abuse scandal’s “elephant in the sacristy.” Liberal Catholics might counter that the priesthood has always been disproportionately homosexual, and that the sexual revolution probably just encouraged psychologically healthy gay priests to give up on the church entirely, leaving behind a clerical population tilted toward repression, self-loathing and the dysfunctions of the closet.  Whichever narrative you prefer, though, it’s hard to deny that something changed in the 1960s, and not for the better.

The point is, the serious crimes are most likely being committed by the lavendar mafia that exists within the church. (The term Lavendar mafia was coined by Father Greeley, a liberal priest). To cover up their crimes and the deep problems of an increasingly homosexual clergy, (Donald  Cozzens estimates 30-50%) the media has very cleverly chosen to always attack the Vatican, ignoring the real problem and diverting public attention from the real sourceof difficulty.

But Benedict understands the real problem, and so they are determined to get him.  He issued a letter saying that gays may not enter the seminary; this was anathema to the several seminaries that are controlled by gay factions. He is investigating the very bizarre orders of Catholic nuns, the ones that have taken to being pagans. All of this the liberals hate.

The recent scandals started in a Jesuit school in Berlin. The Jesuits are a notoriously gay order, with very large numbers of priests dying from AIDS in the 80’s. So rather than let the real info come out, suddenly the attention is shifted to the Pope.  A priest abuses deaf kids in Milwaukee, and the local bishop is gay, a man who pays his gay lover off with church funds, and sneers at those who report child abuse to him. What happens? The media is accusing the Pope of laxity in the case.

There is a war going on.

Since Benedict and his faction took over, they have begun squeezing the abusers and the lavender mafia from the church. The rates of abuse have dropped like a stone.

And now, the media, led by the New York Times, (one of their gay reporters once told a group that three of the four people who decide what goes on the front page at the Times are gay) has started a slander campaign, where they purposely leave out facts and distort facts in order to slime the Pope.

Remember: When the New York Times-supported  faction of the church was in charge, the rates of abuse were at an all time high.

Is that what they want to return to?

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