Obama Booed At Nationals Game

AXELROD: Here’s what you do, Mr. President. If you start getting booed, just pull out the White Sox hat. Put it on your head. Then, we can say the crowd was booing the hat. Then let out a jaunty little laugh, like you are enjoying the whole thing.

OBAMA: You, sir, are a genius. No wonder I let you work for me.

Ben Smith at Politico: Ignore the boos, every president always gets booed.

There’s almost no way for a politician to step on the field at a baseball game and avoid the boos, but credit the sports fans in the Obama White House for thinking hard about how to dodge the blowback from this phenomenon.

They cleverly put Michelle Obama on the field at Yankee Stadium last year as an escort for Yogi Berra, putting her behind his protective shield.

And today, the president pre-empted the boos at the Nationals opener by donning a White Sox hat — offering, at least, an excuse for the Bronx cheer.


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