Why the Times Hates the Pope

The Pope just appointed Thomas Gomez to be Archbishop of Los Angeles. According to wikipedia:

During his tenure in San Antonio, Gómez earned a reputation as an orthodox leader who reversed some of the more liberal-leaning initiatives in the diocese.  He disbanded the chancery’s Justice and Peace Commission after its members expressed their opposition to a state constitutional amendment that banned same-sex marriage. During the 2008 presidential election, he publicly expressed concern when St. Mary’s University, the oldest Catholic university in Texas as well as the Southwest, allowed pro-choice candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton to hold a campaign event on campus. He also voiced his concerns when another Catholic university allowed a high-profile nun who supports female ordination to be a keynote speaker at an event. He welcomed Summorum Pontificum, which granted greater freedom to the Tridentine Mass, saying it would preserve “the rich heritage and legacy of the Church.”

That’s why they hate the Pope. He is replacing far-out, lax bishops with men who are real priests and who understand the Catholic religion. He is replacing those who may have been easy-going with the child abuse problem with those who will not stand for it.

He replaces Cardinal Mahony, who has been one of the very worst bishops when it comes to child abuse.

Cardinal Mahony:

The 2006 documentary Deliver Us From Evil (an Academy Award nominee for Best Feature Documentary) chronicles accusations that Mahony knew his priest Oliver O’Grady had a 20 year history of raping and molesting children (including one infant) but failed to keep him away from children. In 1984, a Stockton police investigation into sexual abuse allegations against O’Grady was reportedly closed after diocesan officials promised to remove the priest from any contact with children. Instead, Mahony reassigned O’Grady to a parish approximately 50 miles (80 km) east, in San Andreas, where O’Grady continued to molest and rape children. Not long after, Mahony was promoted to archbishop of Los Angeles. During one line of questioning, Mahony was asked why he claimed not to remember multiple allegations of rape by one of his own subordinates (O’Grady) when he was the Bishop of Stockton. Mahony was advised by his attorney not to answer the question.

On July 16, 2007, Mahony and the Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles apologized for abuses by priests after 508 victims reached a record-breaking settlement worth $660m (£324m), with an average of $1.3m for each plaintiff. Mahony described the abuse as a “terrible sin and crime”, after a series of trials into sex abuse claims since the 1940s were to begin. The agreement, if approved by a judge, will settle all 15 upcoming pedophilia trials against the Los Angeles archdiocese and avoids the threat of Mahony being forced to testify about how the Church dealt with abuses spanning the 1940s to 1990s. Since 2002 nearly 1,000 people filed sexual abuse claims in California. The $660m-deal dwarfs the $157m settlement paid by the Archdiocese of Boston.[6]

And yet, you hardly heard anything at all about Mahony. That’s because Mahony is very gay-priest friendly. The media loves Mahony.

Steadily, day by day, the Pope is taking back the church from the people who have stolen it in the last 40 years, the people who have been the cause of the child abuse.

That’s why they are out to get him.


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