It Starts With A “Death” and Ends With A “Panel”

James Taranto examines the most recent call from the Times for death panels to decide everything that happens in medicine. It’s your civic duty to die, in the world of Obamacare. You cost too much.

It seems as though this is a pretty strong argument against ObamaCare. But we need to encapsulate it in a pithy phrase. What would you call governmental institutions that empower bureaucrats to decide when to deny medical treatment–panels, as it were, that have the authority to determine when a patient’s death is necessary for the health of the fisc?

Coming up with a suitable term is a high-powered intellectual challenge. Our thinking cap is on, and we’ll get back to you as soon as something dawns on us.

Ramesh Ponnuru once wrote a book about the Democratic Party called “The Party of Death“.

How right he was.


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