What’s It Like to be 30 years Behind the Times?

The Washington Post is pushing for – get this – Liberation theology.

Liberation theology died a quick death some time ago. John Paul II killed it. For those who don’t know, liberation theology is the very quaint idea that Catholic Priests should become Communist revolutionaries, and take up arms against the powers that be. You know, the Priest should be on the side of the poor people, therefore he should engage in violence if the poor are not treated well.

They pretend it is more complicated than that, but it isn’t. Not really.

So now the Post brings in a kook, apparently stuck in a time warp from the 80’s, to tell us that liberation theology is the way to go. Apparently lying is the way to go as well, since she claims that the pope is harboring child abusers. Nothing like complete distortion of the truth to get those revolutionary bones creaking again:

As the Catholic hierarchy sweats in the harsh glare of media scrutiny, as they backpedal about investigations into past and current abuse, and get defensive in all the wrong ways, the question “Should the pope resign?” is valid — the man at the top has been harboring criminals. There is no defense for this. There is no defense for those who shuffled around priests known to be guilty of rape and assault and other forms of abuse, be you the pope, a bishop or cardinal.

But now is also a moment with extraordinary potential for grassroots reform in the Catholic Church, and Catholic theology offers a powerful history and tradition of ground-up resistance and civil disobedience in its feminist, womanist, mujerista, and liberation theologies.

So what can these theologies offer in response to the abuse crisis?

Well, they call for no less than a revolution…But liberation theologies speak directly to us, the marginalized Catholics, and provide us frameworks to move from disgust, dismay, paralysis, and disempowerment toward transformation and change.

You gotta love these political Catholics who see everything through political lens of their kooky leftism.

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