Hitchens And Dawkins Make Fools Of Themselves.

Richard Dawkins claims he and his fellow atheists are much more rational, more humane, and more moral than religious people. But look at how they act. They act like people possessed; they are seized by an irrational emotionality that is frightening to behold:

Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, the atheist author, are seeking advice from human rights lawyers as to what legal action can be taken against the pope over his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

It emerged this weekend that in 1985 when he was in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which deals with sex abuse cases, the pope signed a letter arguing that the “good of the universal church” should be considered against the defrocking of an American priest who committed sex offences against two boys.

Dawkin and Hitchens believe he should face criminal proceedings because his “first instinct” was to protect the church rather than the children in its care.

But look at the facts:

The Vatican was not sent a letter until 1981. The Pope was told the man had been removed from ministry in 1978. That he had been removed from all contact with children. That the abuser had been been handed over to the local authorities and that he had been convicted of a crime. That the man had been on probation for three years, but now the probation was over, and that the civil authorities had even expunged the man’s record. That the man wanted to renounce his priesthood because he wanted to get married.

The defrocking was a pure formality. The defrocking would have no impact at all on his ability to abuse.

All of the steps necessary to protect children had been taken. The defrocking would not do anything to further protect children.

Essentially, the defrocking was the final step, a formality. It did not matter if it happened this year, or next year. In fact, the fact the church was delaying could be seen as more punishment for the abuser. He wanted out of his priestly vows; the Vatican was going to make it difficult for him. It was not going to make things easy on him.

So, the atheists don’t have a case.

But they do have lots of irrational Pope hatred.

They do have a case against John S. Cummins, the local Bishop who knew that this priest had abused, and let him work with children, starting in 1985. People complained to Cummins, but he ignored their complaints. The Pope was not informed of that the local bishop let the guy back into the parish.


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