The Greatest Batch of Pretending – Ever

It used to be that to opine in the Washington Post, you first had to have a grasp of the facts.

No more.  Now it seems to be a requirement that you have no grasp of the facts at all. In fact, you have to have screwed up the facts so badly that they are threatening to come and take you away.

Now, liberals are jumping all over the Pope, pretending that the facts show things they don’t. Take Donna Freitas, one of those fake Catholics the Post likes to present:

They are saying: hey, Mr. High and Mighty, just because you’re the pope, doesn’t mean you can look the other way on known cases of sexual abuse. And just because the hierarchy is the Catholic hierarchy, does not exempt anybody from reporting crimes to the police! The fact that the Vatican just the other day announced that if bishops receive reports of abuse they should automatically tell the police is shockingly late to the party. As if they should have to put up an announcement at all! And some people are reacting as if this is some sort of a grand gesture on the Vatican’s part! As if this shouldn’t have been happening all along. Puh-leaze.

The depth of these moronic statements is difficult to grasp.

None of the cases that have been brought forward involve looking the other way on cases of child abuse. 

Keisle was reported to the police immediately;  he was tried and convicted. The court gave him just 3 years of probation. Murphy was not reported by the church, because by the time the church found out what was going on, the children involved had already gone to the police. So the cops already knew. In the Hillerman case from Germany, the families asked the church NOT to go to the police. They did not want the abuse of their son to become public. You can understand why – all the school kids were going to be teasing their kid forever about having engaged in sex with a priest.

ALL of the cases have been from the period in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when people did not understand child abuse. Certainly the courts didn’t, because in each of these cases they gave the pervert a short, suspended sentence. The authorities in those early years did not understand the harm that was done to children. And at the time, the Post was probably publishing lecturing editorials telling us how these offenders could be easily fixed with the latest psychological treatment.

But the media hinted very strongly that these guys were never turned into the police. They had been, except for Hillerman.

In the Murphy case, the police did exactly nothing. No charges were brought at all, despite the fact that up to 200 kids were abused. But where are the articles going after them for their inaction? The Vatican was not even made aware that the Murphy case existed until 1996 – almost 20 years after it happened –  at which point, the guy was dying. You see, there was no reason for Vatican, in the 1970’s and 80’s to have a rule insisting that local bishops had to report these crimes to the police because it was simply assumed that they would do the right thing. When it became clear that many local bishops were not doing the  right thing, in 2001 or so, new rules were instituted.  

The Vatican did not just start yelling people to report abuse as crimes. Liberals are completely allergic to facts. They issued that directive in 2001. Just the other day, they posted the 2001 directives on their web site so people could see what rules are in force, because the moronic news stories were saying that the Vatican never even told people to report crimes to the police. Which was complete nonsense.

So, when they put the text of the rules out there so reporters can start to understand things, they report it as if the Vatican had just issued the rules. These people are far too idiotic to be walking around. The men in the white suits should be arriving at their doors at any time.

And of course no one needs to be told to report crimes. That goes without saying. But the press, in 2001, was saying, gee, the Vatican doesn’t even have a formal directive to force local bishops to report crimes. Well, duh. Why should you need such a directive? You shouldn’t. So the Vatican issues a formal directive, just to make it clear, and then they are whipsawed every which way they go.

Remember what is really going on here. The current Pope is getting rid of the liberal bishops who allowed this to happen, and who covered it up. Soon, he will have replaced most of the liberal bishops in the country. If this goes on, the liberals will be no more. So the liberal wing of the church is teaming up with the media to move blame away from themselves, where it belongs, and shift it on to the conservative Pope who is really the guy cleaning things up.  In order to win their war against the conservatives, they are willing to call their own Pope a child abuse cover-upper. Very devious. Diabolical, you might say.

These are very sick people.

Very sick.

I’ve never seen a story so misreported – and it appears this is on purpose – in my life.

May it all come back to bite them in the ass.


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