They Pretend The Problem is one of “Pedophile Priests”. It isn’t.

From the Chiesa:

 Of the approximately three thousand allegations sent to the congregation for the doctrine of the faith from 2001 until today, of abuse against minors committed over the past fifty years, the cases of pedophilia strictly speaking are 10 percent of the total. 60 percent of the cases are of sexual attraction for adolescents of the same sex, while the remaining 30 percent involve relations with teenage girls

This, in conjunction with the findings of the John Jay College of Law that the abuse rates of young children and women stayed the same during the period 1950-2004, but the rate of abuse of teenagers (adolescents) suddenly increased by a factor of 6, you have the answer to all your questions.

Yet the media constantly portrays this as a “pedophile” crisis. They know it is not. It is a crisis of abusive homosexuals in the church. Mind you, there are some great gay priests out there. But the large influx of gay priests in the 60’s and 70’s definitely caused a problem. And tied in with all of this abuse is the liberal stances that were promulgated.

Now. Who is cleaning up this horrific problem?

The Pope.

Who is the media attacking?

The Pope.

You figure it out.


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