The Apple Does Not Fall Far from the Tree

Mark Steyn at the Corner:

An interview with President Obama’s latest biographer:

Ta-Nehisi Coates I wanted to start with a particular question for you in terms of identity. The book is obviously very much about Barack Obama’s identity. I wonder how much your own identity influenced how you approached the story, if at all.

David Remnick I got mine at the kitchen table. I got mine in the community that I grew up in. It came easy to me, to some degree. Look at how much Barack Obama had to figure out. I mean, he’s born who he is, he can look in the mirror; but it must have been extraordinarily confusing to have this father who was a ghost, a myth, a collection of stories that he barely knew, and by the way, were highly unreliable.

Nearly as confusing as electing a post-partisan centrist-redeemer president who turns out to be a ghost, a myth, a collection of stories that we barely knew, and by the way, highly unreliable.


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