When Country Was Real.

Here’s a couple of songs from the days when Country music was actually Country music. Now it’s just pop music with Stetsons.

Keith Whitley sings one of those heartbreaking songs that only country music produces. Lots of country’s sad songs are just maudlin. But there are real gems in there , too.

Two songs here – “Don’t Close Your Eyes, and I Never Go Around Mirrors. Both prime stuff. (also, note the wild 80’s perm)

But I still think Mark Chestnut actually does a better Mirrors. From the tribute album. Great traditional country music sound.

Songs like this started with Hank  Williams .

Have you ever seen a night so long

When time goes drifting by

The moon just went behind the clouds

To hide his face and cry

But they seem to have generally petered out in the last few years. Mostly, country music today  is cuteness and  people feeling sorry for themselves, rather than a universal expression of deep loneliness. Whitley may have been the end of an era of honesty in country music.

But just when you think it’s OK to feel sorry for yourself, Jimmy Martin straightens you out:

Don’t tell me your troubles.

I’ve enough of my own.

Be thankful you’re livin.

Drink up and go home.

Back there sets  a blind man,

so blind he can’t see.

Yet he’s not complainin’,

why should you or me?

Don’t tell me your troubles.

I’ve enough of my own.

Be Thankful you’re livin.

Drink up and go home.



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