The cornballs at the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section recently hired a new blogger – a supposed Catholic.

Once again, the Post’s Catholics don’t seem all that Catholic. For example, this newcomer was recently recommending that kids read the books by Philip Pullman, the atheist (“My books are about killing God.”)  who wrote a series of kiddy books designed to turn kids into atheists. He is a rather strange and repulsive individual, but Freitas thought he was great:

When I last heard of Donna Freitas, a “Catholic theologian” and visiting assistant professor of religion at Boston University, she was providing some less than impressive explanations about how reading Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy “enhanced my sense of the divine, of virtue, of the soul, of my faith in God.” She has written a book about sexuality and dating, and now, having been asked by Christianity Today to comment on the best way to encourage people to save sex for the covenant of marriage, writes: “Stop talking about marriage when you talk about saving sex.”

And, it goes downhill from there into various weird rationalizations.

Freitas was “giddy” with delight when she heard that the atheists were going to try to arrest the  Pope when he gets to England.

So, once again, the Post puts up a fake Catholic, a person barely rational, a radical in sheeps clothing.

The Washington Post has become a sort of ship of fools.


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