You Can’t Be In the Newspaper Business if You Tell the Whole Truth

Another article, faked up and presented as a total hit piece on the Catholic church today.

The article only tells you this: A Cardinal in the Vatican praised a Bishop for refusing to turn in a child abuser.

Of course, that is shocking and repulsive.

What they don’t tell you: The bishop did not reveal what he knew because he only learned of it when the preist made a confession to him. It is the number one rule of the priesthood that you never, under any circumstances, reveal what is told you in the confessional. That’s why the Cardinal praised him, because he was standing fast on that most important rule, even in the face of prosecution by the government. In fact, the law recognizes this, and does not require that priests reveal things heard in the confessional.

Now, there is some question as to whether the priest was actually in the confessional in this particular case. Every priest knows that people seek to confess when they are not actually in the confessional. So maybe this bishop should have told on the priest, since there was some question about what was going on. But to omit the whole issue of the confessional is journalistic malpractice of the worst sort.

What creepy people reporters must be these days.


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