Finally, A Legitimate Story on the Abuse Scandal

A Belgian Bishop has resigned after it became known he personally abused a young man.

Now we are getting somewhere. This is the real problem in the church. There are these creeps in the Catholic church, and they have sometimes attained high status.

In almost every case, these people are esconced in very liberal areas. This particular bishop was serving under one of the most liberal Bishops in the world, Gottfried Danneels. Belgium and Holland are two of the most liberal countries in the church.

Notice what the Vatican did here. They did not try to protect him; they immediately told him he had to resign and he did so. There will now be an investigation, and he will probably be removed from the priesthood after the investigation is over. Good Riddance. The police will probably prosecute the guy, and hopefully he will spend some time in jail.

Now we may be seeing the contours of the real war that is going on inside the church. The Liberal bishops and their sometimes abusive ways are getting exposed and removed from the church. The Conservative Pope is facilitating their removal, not opposing it.

The New York Times sees it start to happen, and they decide the only thing they can do to save their liberal faction is to move the focus to the Pope and start hammering him with fake charges of being somehow involved. So we get the recent series of articles.

But the real story is that the Pope is getting rid of the bad guys.


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