The Pope is Winning the War, Folks.

Well, the media has been very effective in spreading their “narrative”. According to them, the Pope is a bad guy, and has been protecting child abusers. This is completely false, and could not be further from the truth.

In fact, once you start looking into this thing, two things become clear: That the Pope is the guy who is most determined to clean up the church, and to clean it up fast. And, the stories that are being  used to sully the Pope’s name are faked-up things, devoid of any truth whatsoever. There is no question that there is a great deal of abuse to be uncovered and dealt with. But it is not the Pope’s fault by any means, and he is the one man moving strongly to uncover and do away with the problem.

Only by leaving things out – by pretending that defrocking is the only way a priest can be removed or the only way children can be protected – are themedia able to build a shaky, insubstantial case against the Pope.  Once you look at the documents they base their case on, you start to realize the documents do not support the conclusions they come to. Mostly, they rely on repetition of the first lines of stories that don’t pan out when you actually look at them.

But here is the real reason for this war on the Pope: he is replacing the worn out, liberal old guard bishops with new, conservative/traditionalist Catholic bishops.

In Los Angeles, long a liberal stronghold and one of the largest dioceses in the world, he recently replaced liberal Cardinal Mahony with Conservative Jose Gomez. Mahony had to pay out an incredible $660 million in his heavily gay-influenced diocese to child abuse victims. 

In Miami, also becoming one of the larger dioceses, he replaced very liberal Archbishop Favrola – a man who was ” implicated in several scandals, in particular his support for heterodox positions and openly homosexual clergy” with a conservative bishop, Thomas Wenski. Wenski went so far as to hold a mass “in reparation for” Obama’s being invited to Notre Dame to speak, and you can read his views here.

In Minneapolis, he replaced the moderately liberal Harry Flynn with conservative Richard Neinstadt.

New York is in the hands of the conservative Timothy Dolan. According to Wikipedia, “Dolan was criticized for his handling of Roman Catholic priests accused of sexual misconduct, accused of being on a “witch hunt” to dismiss abusive priests.” Now that’s my kind of guy. That’s the kind of criticism to have.

Denver is in the hands of the conservative Charles Chaput.

Chicago is in the hands of Cardinal George, a conservative.

In Philadelphia, Cardinal Rigali, a conservative is in charge. 

In Boston, Sean O’Malley is in charge, and he is reasonably conservative.

In Washington, DC, Benedict appointed reasonably conservative Donald Wuerl.

Soon, Benedict will appoint a new bishop of Seattle.

And there are many  more, in large towns and in small, in America and across the world.

You can see that this Pope is taking back the church for the traditionalists. It is more than likely that the traditionalists will be much harder on the abusive priests than their liberal predecessors, who did lots of funny things.

In essence, the Pope is successfully transforming the church for decades into the future, perphaps for centuries. No matter what happens to him personally, these new men will go on to rule the Catholic church for a long time to come. Because they are more traditional, it is likely they will draw lots of new vocations to the church, (liberal archdioceses tend to have low numbers of seminarians, almost by design; and conservative dioceses have large numbers of men who want to be priests – manly priests in a traditional Catholic church). These new, more traditionalist priests will become the norm over the next ten years or so, further worsening the death spiral of the liberal Catholic contingent.

So they attack the Pope unceasingly, but it is almost beside the point. They have lost the war. Benedict’s appointees will go on to remake the Catholic church, and there is almost nothing they can do about it.

This is why they are so intent on attacking him and bringing him down. They have been partially successful so far; they have convinced a certain segment of the population that the Pope is the bad guy. Even if they were to drive him from office on these faked up charges, what would happen? Someone even more conservative would be elected in the next conclave. You see, liberal Catholics of their stripe – the kind that essentially oppose most things the Catholic church stands for – are a dying breed. Rightly, most people connect them with the abuse crisis. The places where the abuse crisis was the worst were the places that were the most liberal.

But it is almost irrelevant. The Pope, on the front that really counts, has advanced and keeps advancing, and they are relatively powerless to stop him.

They are finished. Oddly, this latest “Pope Scandal” is really their death rattle.


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