When in Doubt, Freak Out In a Moonage Daydream. Oh, Yeah.

Brad Delong says that the world is soon going to fry to death:

…according to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, we have just experienced the hottest twelve-month period in at least a thousand years.
If global temperatures continue rising at the rate they have risen for the past generation, then the world of 2100 will be 2.3 degrees Celsius – that’s 4.1 degrees Farenheit [sic]– hotter than the world of the 1970s. If global warming accelerates, however, as industrializing China, India and other countries pour more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and as Indonesia, Brazil, and others cut and burn their forests, the world in 2100 will be 5 Celsius — 9 Farenheit — degrees hotter than the world of the 1970s.

You don’t have to be a genius to think about professor DeLong’s statement You just have to have a little innate common sense. The Blogger at Chaos Manor says:

I do have a question. While I don’t know how NASA knows that we’ve just had the warmest year since 1009 AD, it does seem reasonable to ask why it was so warm in 1009 AD when there weren’t any automobiles, and how the Earth managed to get from 1009 AD to present without overheating, and what happened to bring about the cooling of the Little Ice Age.

And I might add, Since we know that the earth’s climate continually changes, and goes through multiple cycles of various types and frequency, what makes him  think that all of the cycling has stopped, and now we are going to see things permanently continue at “the rate they have risen for the last generation”?

It’s like saying “Well, we have been cycling between night and day now for billions of years, but tomorrow the cycle will stop and we will have permanent daylight.”


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