Obama: Be Nice When Talking About Politics. But Hey, Aren’t Those Tea Partiers Stupid?

Pbama was out talking again yesterday

“The student asked, ‘Are people being nice?’

“Well, if you turn on the news today – particularly one of the cable channels – you can see why even a kindergartener would ask this question. We’ve got politicians calling each other all sorts of unflattering names. Pundits and talking heads shout at each other. The media tends to play up every hint of conflict, because it makes for a sexier story – which means anyone interested in getting coverage feels compelled to make the most outrageous comments…

“The point is, politics has never been for the thin-skinned or the faint-of-heart, and if you enter the arena, you should expect to get roughed up…

“[W]hat troubles me is when I hear people say that all of government is inherently bad. One of my favorite signs from the health care debate was one that read ‘Keep Government Out Of My Medicare,’ which is essentially like saying ‘Keep Government Out Of My Government-Run Health Care.’ For when our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it conveniently ignores the fact in our democracy, government is us.”

Be nice to each other. And aren’t my opponents idiots?

I bet that sign never even was displayed by anyone. It is baloney concocted by the left again. There is one picture, but it is just of a sign, and could have been taken anywhere, including Barney Frank’s back yard.

And “Government is us”?

Give me a break. Government ain’t us, and that is the  problem.

How could almost two thirds of the country be against the health care bill and it still gets passed?

No, government ain’t us, that’s for sure.


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