Washington Post and Episcopal Bishop – Both Clueless

This is rich.

Now, a clueless Episcopal Bishop has the audacity to write to the Pope and suggest that he do what the Episcopal Church has done in regards to child abuse.  The only problem is that the Catholic church has already implemented everything this guy suggests, long ago.

And the only problem is that he really didn’t write to the Pope, he wrote a pretend-I-am-writing-to-the-Pope Op ed piece, and published it in the Washington Post. In other words, he couldn’t care less about the Pope, he wants to make political points.

But it doesn’t matter. Just as when they were reporting that the country wanted a public option, or when they refused to say a word about ACORN, or a hundred other things they misreport in the age of Obama, the clueless folks at the Post and the clueless gay bishop from the Episcopal church march on, living in their own little world. This is the same  Episcopal church that is splintering, losing members hand over fist, and quietly becoming the laughingstock of the religious world –

It’s like something from The Onion.

It should be noted that the Catholic church was forced to come up with a plan to admit Anglican (That’s what Episcopals are called in England) church members in England into the Catholic church. So many of them were leaving the Anglicans and coming over to the Catholic church – potentially thousands upon thousands of them – that the Pope had to come up with a plan whereby they could make that journey easily.

When the Episcopal church becomes a fond, goofy memory, the Catholic church will still be plugging away.

And since there were only six credible allegations of abuse by Catholic clergy last year – far, far below the rate of the Episcopalians, it is a little hard to understand why this guy thinks he has something to offer.

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